domingo, 1 de maio de 2011

About lies!

Bones - season 6 episode 20 The Pinocchio in the Planter

(Lance Sweets) - There is a theory that by speaking the absolute truth we free ourselves of any impression to make a good impression and that become truly free
(Special Agent Seeley Booth) - So if they just say whatever they want they piss people off.
(Lance Sweets) - Yeah, it can be very aggressive.
(Dra Temperance Brennan) - I see no reason why telling the truth would be considered aggressive.
(Lance Sweets) - It is when you do without exception. I mean the small fictions that we call white lies play a crucial roll in human interactions.
(Special Agent Seeley Booth) - The glue that holds us together.
(Dra Temperance Brennan) - How? A world without lies would be far more efficient.
(Special Agent Seeley Booth) - If no one had any feelings. But people do.


(Dra Temperance Brennan) - If you think you are protecting me by avoiding the truth you inevitable cause greater harm.
(Special Agent Seeley Booth) - I wouldn’t do that to you.
(Dra Temeperance Brennan) - Lie to spare my feelings?


(Dr Hodgins) - I am attempting to open a honest dialogue between us by stating what I think regardless of the consequences.

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